2 – Play

I opened the app, pressed the white dot on the screen and held it to draw each of the letters in Js name. As we walked through his name he immediately asked how to write mine. A few minutes later he was drawing his own obstacle course, bringing his sister and his mom into the … Continue reading 2 – Play

1 – CALM

Crashing waves A toddler’s giggle A tight hug Camera in hand Shortbread cookies A chat with a friend I think I thought with less emails, DMs, assignments to mark, conversations to moderate, calm would just appear. Like a surprise visit from a beloved far away family member or friend, it would knock on the door … Continue reading 1 – CALM

Not Your Grandmother’s Digital Citizenship

Let’s try a little experiment (don’t scroll down just yet). Describe¬†digital citizenship in¬†three words. Now try it again just with citizenship. What words come to mind now? Did strong passwords pop to mind when you thought of digital citizenship? Kids on their phones too long? Trolling and cyberbullying? How did the ideas compare to your … Continue reading Not Your Grandmother’s Digital Citizenship