1 – CALM

Crashing waves

A toddler’s giggle

A tight hug

Camera in hand

Shortbread cookies

A chat with a friend

I think I thought with less emails, DMs, assignments to mark, conversations to moderate, calm would just appear. Like a surprise visit from a beloved far away family member or friend, it would knock on the door and after a big hug stay awhile bringing all the loving goodness with them.

I was wrong. Instead of calm I found an endless list of worries:

What will…

What if…

Am I…

Restlessness settled in and I filled it with busyness. Typical me. I hate the quiet, the pause, the solitude and yet…

But by the water’s edge I can sit wander for hours. For a moment the brain slows down. I EXHALE.

At 40, I thought I would have learned this lesson already but sometimes you need a 2 hour flight and 4 weeks with changing cell/wifi access as a reminder. Seek out the calm not to eliminate the BIG FEELINGS but to avoid them taking over. To find a moment to reset.

I wonder how others are finding their clam? Is it swinging on the monkey bars, painting, building, dancing in the neighbourhood, gardening, singing at the top of their lungs, playing a game?

Am I giving my learners (big and small) space to find their calm? Am I letting go of my bias and misconception that calm must be solitary quiet and still?

P.S. This post is part of a 5 posts in 5 days series. I am so far behind but trying to stick with it. Hoping to write quick thoughts at the beach before I head back to the busy city.


P.P.S. If the water’s edge is where you find calm as well, going to be printing some postcards with a twist when I return. Drop me a comment and I’ll send one your way.

One Reply to “1 – CALM”

  1. Your post really makes me think of Stuart Shanker’s and Susan Hopkins’ Self-Reg work. It really emphasizes the SELF in Self-Reg. Makes me think more about more about how we’re providing multiple spaces and options for kids — and creating them with kids — to ensure that they can also find their calm. Excited to read about your other words!


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