A Journey with Sketchnotes

As I sat in sessions this week at the Online Learning Summit, I pulled out my iPad and pencil like I usually do and started sketching. It’s always fascinating to watch – sometimes it’s puzzled looks, there’s sometimes a nice comment or question. It usually starts with a question about the app which usually leads to sharing a bit about my journey. Sometimes it concludes with a passing comment that I must be artistic and I cringe slightly. Have they seen my blog people?

Sometimes you wish you could show people where it started: the really odd colour combos, messy printing and uneven shapes. As I sketched away over the last few years, I found my own short cuts, my own style, my own symbols.

You can hear a bit more about my journey here:

As I was sketching today I realized how happy I am that I found a tool and process that works for me. It helps me remember, helps me share, helps me stay calm and focused. What’s the tool/process that helps you make sense of the learn?

If you have ever wanted to start sketchnoting, I’ve tried to break my process down into a few different challenges. I shared them in the summer, but they work any time of year I promise.

Challenge 1: Know Your Tools

Challenge 2: 5 Shapes

Challenge 3: Labels, Frames, Connectors

Challenge 4: Cut, Move, Duplicate

Challenge 5: Bring it Together

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