A Journey with Sketchnotes

As I sat in sessions this week at the Online Learning Summit, I pulled out my iPad and pencil like I usually do and started sketching. It’s always fascinating to watch – sometimes it’s puzzled looks, there’s sometimes a nice comment or question. It usually starts with a question about the app which usually leads to sharing a bit about my journey. Sometimes it concludes with a passing comment that I must be artistic and I cringe slightly. Have they seen my blog people?

Sometimes you wish you could show people where it started: the really odd colour combos, messy printing and uneven shapes. As I sketched away over the last few years, I found my own short cuts, my own style, my own symbols.

You can hear a bit more about my journey here:

As I was sketching today I realized how happy I am that I found a tool and process that works for me. It helps me remember, helps me share, helps me stay calm and focused. What’s the tool/process that helps you make sense of the learn?

If you have ever wanted to start sketchnoting, I’ve tried to break my process down into a few different challenges. I shared them in the summer, but they work any time of year I promise.

Challenge 1: Know Your Tools

Challenge 2: 5 Shapes

Challenge 3: Labels, Frames, Connectors

Challenge 4: Cut, Move, Duplicate

Challenge 5: Bring it Together

Animating in Keynote – First DigiChallenge

It was after one of the big Apple events online that I read somewhere that an ad for the iPhone had been created in Keynote. Like many I caught myself saying: ‘Keynote?’ I had only used it as a presentation tool (like Powerpoint and Slides) to date. How did all that other magic happen?

Of course I had to figure it out! Keynote, like other slide tools has timed animations and another secret tool in Magic Moves that make really creative animations possible. Whether it’s a summary, introduction, recap Keynote helped me visualize it. I may be a little addicted. You can check out some of the examples in the playlist below:

Every time I show a clip to a friend they ask HOW DID YOU MAKE IT? I tried to break in down into 4 short clips including 3 brief challenges that you could try at any age. I usually avoid speaking parts so excuse this early attempt and the funky sound but I hope it helps you to start animating!

The Overview

Here’s the Secret: the hardest part of a clip isn’t the animating but rather having a clear idea of the story ahead of time. In this clip I break down some of my learning and workflow

Challenge 1 – Animating Objects

Learning the different animations options means you can more meaningfully select movements that support your storyline. I show you on a MAC in this clip but can be done on an iPad or even phone. By the end you will have an animated quote to share.

Challenge 2 – Magic Move

Magic Move really does make magic happen! In this clip we play with moving arrays that represent 12. I show you the basics on an iPad but again possible on any device.

Challenge 3 – Motion Path & More

We don’t just animate how items come in or out. We can also animate how they interact on the slide. In this clip we bring a spring scene to life with some of my drawings on the iPad.

Here is the entire playlist:

I love the possibilities for animation that come with this free app. If you don’t have an Apple device, what tools could you use to animate?

Love to hear what you are creating! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.