Success 10/10

We were sitting in a meeting last Tuesday night chatting about a vision for the future and it dawned on me how much of our hopes, dreams, and visions are dependent on our definition of what success for students means. For me I think I would define success as learners being happy, healthy active members of the community. And then comes the question of how do you measure happy, healthy, active community members while being equitable and as unbias as possible.

Sometimes I worry that my definition of success is too lofty and then I think of some of the moments where I have felt success in my current role. From the learner that remembers you from one class the year before, the chuckles when a grade 3 learner goes in to manipulate their first game, a teacher mentioning you have impacted their practice.

Maybe more than anything success in school relies on learners catching the learning bug, of sparking a never ending passion for learning. How would you define success for kids?



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