10 Days 10 Posts

10 Days 10 Posts seemed like such a long time and now that it is day 11 it is hard to believe it’s over for me (You can start any time, it’s not too late!).  I stumbled upon the challenge really, I might have laughed when I first considered it, but was convinced that if I was challenging others to share a post, any post, each day for 10 days, I needed to challenge myself.

There were moments when I second guessed my posts. They could have been more composed, thought out, well written. I compared my process to that shared by others who had better structures and editing strategies and second guessed myself immediately. I realized though as the 10 days progressed that really it is about my process, taking the time to share thoughts that aren’t always filtered or complete.

I am still flabbergasted others came along for the journey. It is amazing the power community can have to inspire, to support you in your crazy endeavors,to keep you accountable. There were many times I didn’t feel like writing but seeing a tweet on the #peel21st feed got me at my computer.

So thank you to everyone that joined along or just started. Thank you to everyone that read the posts.

Check out some of the blog and Twitter posts below. Hopefully they inspire you to take on a 10 day challenge. If I missed you, please let me know.


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