#peel21st Blog Hop: Collaborating Near & Far

This is our March blog hop where educators all post to their blog the same night at the same time around the same topic. Inspired by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s  21st Century Competencies Discussion Document and explore 2 of the areas: Collaboration & Global Citizenship. So for this post we are focused in on sharing our experiences of collaboration both near and far and the role technology played in our experience. Please check out the links below my post to hop on over to their blogs and read/view their stories. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments too!

I should have used headphones. Oops. Tried something a little different with an audio visual post. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


So hop on over to Amit, Jim, Jason or Kate’s blog and check out their thoughts. We would also love to hear from you! Leave a comment or write your own post.


6 thoughts on “#peel21st Blog Hop: Collaborating Near & Far

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    • Definitely. I even think of #dotday with Peter Reynolds and the connections that it builds. It definitely builds those bridges. Reminds us how we are all human (I’m obviously in a philosophical mood tonight- sorry).

  2. I have been so focused on building relationships within my school that I totally forgot to mention about the connections I have been able to make with educators around the globe with a click of a mouse. It’s amazing!

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