Embarking on another 100 Day Journey

It was last year this time that I was finishing up my M.Ed. and stumbled upon #the100dayproject on Instagram. Somehow I was terrified of not having a project, a course to keep me learning that I leaped at the opportunity. A few friends were kind enough to jump on board, with a support group ready I embarked on creating for 100 days finally using those manual settings on my camera. 100 days later I looked back and realized the many take aways (I shared them here) from a chance to pause, to sharing with a community, to the support that is needed to make it through a project of this length (peer pressure can be good sometimes) but most importantly the energy and recharge that came from creating just to create. I am lucky to have the opportunity to create daily in my day to day job whether it is a quote to share or an event to be designed, a lesson or an activity, but sometimes the busyness of if all means this is the only type of creation that happens. Taking the time last year to pause and practice really reminded me how therapeutic creating could be. There were no strings attached. No procedures or end goals to keep in mind. It was creating just to create. So when I saw this year’s announcement on @elleluna‘s feed I may have done a little happy dance. 

At first I was thinking of the possibilities: I should learn guitar or how to paint. Then I caught myself. This is more about play and practice then learning a new skill, getting into the habit of creating. It needed to be something I could stick with. So photography it is. What type of photography is still up for debate!  Last year I explored the various settings on my camera but I feel I want to focus a little more this time around. So I’m considering the following:

  • #100daysoflookingclosely taking a close up picture each day whether it is composed or just an everyday project. I could push myself to get outside a little more with this one.
  • #100daysofblackandwhite playing with the settings, exploring what makes a great black and white photo could be cool.
  • #100daysoffoodphoto would make me eat better and have more food around but afraid it will become an issue moving forward.
  • #100portraits: This is where I wanted to start but I keep second guessing myself. I don’t know if I have time to hit someone up each day. More than anything I’m fearful of asking folks to take their picture.

So are you ready for a challenge? Will you join our #the100dayproject support group? Maybe the 100 day challenge isn’t for you but this spring is full of so many opportunities to create from the design challenge, to scratch day and global maker dayWhat will you create? Hope you share your journey!

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