Exploring Intentional Design

As I get ready for a day of learning with OCT around course design, it’s funny to see how the learning really trickles down into all of our design as leaders. I feel like over the years I’ve become a bit of a learning design junky always looking for new tools, strategies and formats. Then it hit me I may have always had a fascination with creating that just right experience, an experience that provokes, challenges and nudges just a little more growth.

In Primary Basic we use the quote from How Learning Happens as our guide. As I sketched it out I couldn’t shake the feeling that it is true for LEARNERS OF ALL AGES (and maybe why we snuck it into our Empowering Modern Learners document). Are we designing learning experiences that see educators as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, rich in potential? Do we recognize the diverse social, cultural and linguistic perspectives they each bring? Especially in an online environment, do they feel they belong and are contributing to our collective learning journey? Do they see themselves and their passions in the discussions and resources?

Paper.managing escalating behaviours.15.PNG

If we want educators to embody the statement above, they need to experience it. If we want to inspire experiences that empower learners to be globally compassionate citizens, then even our learning as educators must be rooted in our understanding and belief of the competent, capable, curious and rich in potential learner.

Can’t wait for the learning ahead today!


One thought on “Exploring Intentional Design

  1. Amen Tina! And as PD is planned for our curious, capable and competent educators, we must continue to ask “why this learning for this staff member at this time.” We need to really think about the delivery model for professional PD because sitting and listening to a lecture style PD presentation is no longer acceptable.

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