Better Together

“The people I respect most have one thing in common — they gather.”


Sometimes you just can’t avoid a lesson. It hits you at every turn. This time it was a reminder that we are better together.

It was the morning of our presentation at BIT and I opened an email update from AJ Juliani. He was sharing a moment from a session with Austin Kleon where the idea of everyone being a scenius came up –  the idea that many of the geniuses we know were actually part of creative scenes. The genius was in the group.

Brandon, Heather and I had just started our session on creativity at #Bit17 when it hit them. We had such a great response to the first interactive activity and being responsive to some of the pre-session chatter, Brandon & Heather had the idea to do a YES AND activity with the group. It wasn’t part of our original plan but we went with it. Looking back it made the session, it kept the energy level high and imparted a quick strategy before diving even further into our discussions.

The pieces came together as I stumbled upon Good Good Good Co post on Instagram. The quote about the importance of gathering had me reflecting on the many times an experience was better because I did it with others.

Collaboration may look different at different times, virtual – face to face, brief or ongoing, but great learning can’t happen in isolation. We need to find times to gather. Sometimes it may just be a Flipgrid collection but we are all better together!

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There was a famous film actress that had attended this conference we've been attending in Egypt and she said something that really hit home for our team. . "The people I respect most have one thing in common — they gather." . We loved this. We think it applies to people who seek to bring messy hope into the world — they always gather. Ideas, dreams and hopes for change can manifest themselves while we are alone, but the difference between making those dreams a reality or letting them die is community. There is strength in numbers and strength in the oneness of purpose. Furthermore, gathering requires showing up. . So here are a couple of questions for you today: 1. Where are you showing up? 2. How do you show up? 3. What keeps you from showing up? . While abroad, we've been paying close attention to the idea that we have to show up for our own lives and gather to make real things happen in our communities. . (PS: This is a photo of our new friend Homam. He’s was born in Syria and currently lives in Dubai who works as a creative marketing director. Our team has decided that we all want to be more like him.)

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One thought on “Better Together

  1. Tina, such a great message- and it comes at a good time of year when we’re all getting so busy and deep into the weeds that we forget to take the time to step back and collaborate sometimes. Love the example about rolling with the collaborative change in the middle of a presentation session. Great reminder for coaches to just go with it sometimes!

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