Buddy Needed

I’ve shown the clip 100 times, usually accompanied by a long rant about the importance of sharing and yet I sit here feeling guilty because I haven’t blogged in 9 days. Maybe guilty isn’t the right word, perhaps it’s disappointed.

In my job sharing kind of comes with the role and I LOVE it: sharing a quick glimpse from a classroom moment or the great learning experiences colleagues across the board. This blog has always been an opportunity to share differently. Sharing that is a little deeper, more personal and sometimes as much about the downs as the ups. I never realized how much I love to write till I started blogging and each post feels a bit like a release of swirling thoughts.

Yet I sit with 6 draft posts because doubt creeps in.

  • Who is going to read this?
  • Is this worth folks time?
  • Have I said it before?
  • Has someone else said it better? They are much smarter/more followers/better researched anyways.
  • Do I have enough evidence/sources?
  • Why do I need sources?
  • Am I writing this for hits or because it’s what I’m really pondering?
  • I could write something that folks would probably like better!
  • Does it really matter?

Here’s the thing: I know that the questions are just getting in the way. I have lived the aha moment in the clip more than a handful of times and I do want to write. So how do I overcome the doubt?

So I’ve decided I need a buddy. It works for working out, why can’t it work for sharing. I’m looking for a buddy that may be in the same predicament where being accountable to each other will help us push through the doubt. I’m keeping it simple: one blog post a week for now.

Want to be my buddy?


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