Empowered Modern Learners – This Is It ep. 2

I shared a THIS IS IT moment this spring not realizing at the moment it may become a series but couldn’t resist sharing another moment that made me see our vision document in Peel in action.

I didn’t quite know what to expect as I put a call out to the #peel21st community to try Breakout Edu together. One, because it was the first week of school. Two, I had only done it with adults to that point. Surprisingly the replies came in and I had a handful of classrooms to learn alongside those first few weeks of school. With no experience with escape rooms, I was supposed to lead others. After messing up a lock or two and racking my brain to decipher a clue, I put together the pieces for the Dot Day game and brought it to our first group. Learning a little each time and then tweaking it for the next group.

No matter the age: grade 2, 5, 7, or 12, it was mesmerizing to watch. Every time without fail, you would see friends..

  • collaborating together
  • finding a way to communicate their ideas
  • justifying their thinking enthusiastically
  • problem solving and persisting when their first, third or fifth combination didn’t work

As I stood back I had one of those THIS IS IT moments again. It was like the 21st century competencies from the Global Competencies discussion paper came to life in front of me. I could hear myself saying: This is what empowered modern learning looks like. 

At first glance it may feel like technology didn’t play a big role this time. As I reflected though I could see the little moments it supported the experience. From the first tweet I stumbled upon about Dot Day, the simple retweet that led to a few scheduled visits, accessing the Google Drive folder of resources for the game to sharing the learning with images & video back to the community.

This time the digital tools just played a background role, other times it is more the supporting actor. No matter what the lead in every moment has been an empowered modern learner.


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