You might have seen the below clip making the rounds on social media.

As I watched the clip the first time, I flash backed to one of the first classes of Curriculum Foundations in my MEd when we started talking about boxes after an activity similar to the clip. My idealist self just wanted to do away with all boxes but as we got to discussing we talked about our brain’s tendency to sort in that linear format. To my dismay there was no way to avoid them. I had to accept that boxes will always exist.

As I watched Hidden Figures this week I was reminded of the impact our ‘boxes’ can have. It’s aggravating at times to think how narrowly we categorized individuals. How could such small details as the colour of someone’s skin justify the actions of the time? Then, as I often do, I catch myself. How often had I judged someone by what I could see alone? What other boxes were holding me back? What boxes was I bringing to my practice?

Boxes may always exist but perhaps it is our role in education to help learners see how they do not define us. How for each of our differences there are just as many if not more similarities.

How do you address the boxes in education?





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