So I Don’t Forget 9/10

Sometimes you have a quick AHA moment, a moment that reminds you how complex but utterly fantastic our job is. As quick as it comes it is forgotten. Today I had one of those moments and I don’t want to forget.

We were working on a green screen activity at one of the schools I support today. The kids were awesome. After a discussion using some images as a prompt we did some general exploration and now were working on responding to a blue spruce book, Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox.  You can imagine the energy with grade 3s and green screens sprawled across the library. Learners were looking for images that represented the animal they most identified with. Through all the chatter and excitement, there seemed to be a friend that seemed indifferent. It took a few minutes to discover that he was struggling with a language barrier (later finding out him had just arrived to the school).

So I pull out my iPad and open Google Translate, speak in the prompting question: Sometimes I feel like -that didn’t work. So second time around I asked what his favourite animal was. You could see the smile start forming across his face as the iPad spoke in Arabic. He quickly hit the record button (how do kids figure it out so quickly) and the iPad stated it was lion. Skip ahead a few minutes later and he is telling us how he feels in Arabic with the Touch Cast app.

I could see myself in his hesitation as I could remember being in that spot where the words around you sound like gibberish.


So I’m leaving the story here so that I remember how those little moments can make a difference. It’s always worth that quick second change of plans.


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