My One Word for 2017 7/10

I meant to write this post on the 1st of January, then the first week before going back to school and then the first week of school. Here we are on January 22nd and I hope it isn’t too late to reflect on my one word for 2017.

I went back to last year’s post and the idea of focusing on the necessary. I feel like this is an idea I still have to master or even begin to tackle. That being said there were moments when I made the choice to focus or take the time to refocus, reset.

And now, one word for 2017. I’m torn as there are so many possibilities but the word that keeps popping to mind is fearless. I have a bad habit of overthinking things to the point I talk myself out of them.

This year I want to be fearless:

  • fearless to say no when I need to, want to, know I should
  • fearless to tackle the projects that seem they may be a little too ambitious
  • fearless to stay the course if the tool and medium serve a purpose.

What’s your one word for 2017? Share with the #oned #ossemooc community!

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