The Image of an Educator 6/10

As I was pulling a few things together for a session with OTF on Play, Math and Digital Tools this Wednesday night, I went back to How Learning Happens and the Kindergarten Program Document.

This quote has stuck with me today:


“A view of an educator in a state of constant change and becoming.” How amazing is that! But what has stuck with me through the day is more the second half of the quote. What is our roles whether we are leading in a classroom or leading educators? Are we listening? How can we provoke, document, and negotiate meaning?

Something to ponder through out the week.

One Reply to “The Image of an Educator 6/10”

  1. Great message! I think a lot of educators are still getting used to these ideas because it means you have to give up some control. I think anticipating student struggles is really important here as well as knowledge of where to direct students to the resources they may need or teaching them strategies to look for resources themselves. This sits with me often too.

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