Last year we had a blast with the #ossemooc group looking at George Couros’ book the Innovator’s Mindset. As I have been exploring the maker mindset, design thinking and 21st century skills, Launch: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student popped to mind and I wondered if anyone would be interested in chatting/learning together. So I put the call out and what would you know, we have some folks interested in chatting.


Are you exploring #MakerEd in your program? Looking at how you can bring creativity into your practice? Maybe you are searching for a practical guide to support design thinking in your program. Let’s take a look at John Spencer and Aj Juiliani’s book Launch: Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring out the maker in Every Student together.

What will it look like?

With reports and end of term here in Ontario we know it is busy times (and you may still be waiting on your book). There will be a question posted both this upcoming week and next on We will follow up with 4 Twitter Chats over February and March to work through the chapters, again providing a question on Flipgrid in between for those interested.

Mark the dates for our Twitter chats in your calendar!

February 9th, 23rd, March 9th & 23rd

We hope you will join us in working through this great practical resource. If you are interested let us know a bit more about you HERE.



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