Reflecting on #documenting4learningblue 3/10

Sometimes you just stumble upon things at the right time. I may have been a little distracted on Saturday while working on my small part of a session we are doing tomorrow on digital portfolios as part of the ministry’s Creating Pathways to Success document. In preparing for the session as a team, a lot of our conversations focused in on reflection, it’s relationship to learning and how to document that process. So as I was scrolling through my Twitter stream and saw Sylvia Rosenthal Tosilano’s challenge of documenting blue for a day I thought what better to prepare myself and put theory into practice.

So the challenge is simple:

For a day notice the blue in your world taking images if you like. At the end of the day choose a picture that you feel best represents blue and share it on social media with the hashtag #documenting4learningblue with your thinking.

It is funny how simply focusing your observations can change what you see around you. From the blue apps on my iPhone to blue shirts in my closet, street signs and cars, buildings and labels, I was seeing blue everywhere. I never noticed how often blue is used as a complimentary colour while driving up Hurontario. Then there were a few moments where I had to ask myself: “Does this qualify as blue?” “Is it a shade of blue or turquoise? Does it matter?”

If you want to check out my Instagram Story from through out the day, click here.

The beauty of blue is it’s various textures and shades. It can call attention or calm you down all at once. As I went through my documentation through out the day I realized how I had to compose my own definition of blue to help me filter through my documentation and questions. I think the first time I read the post my mind went straight to my typical representation of blue: lake and sky. Maybe the gray skies were a blessing in disguise today as it forced me to be in the moment, focused on the learning at hand instead of jumping to a go to image. I could see how the process of choosing just 1 image to represent the Raptors could be an activity in understanding my own assessments moving forward.

It may seem like a simple task but what a wonderful opportunity to live the experience of documentation. Why not try documenting your day of blue! Don’t forget to share with the #documenting4learningblue hashtag.

Happy documenting!


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