The Why – We All Need Reminders 2/10

*We were tiding up after a lunch and learn today when an educator came over to share how she used the app we explored a few weeks earlier. After students created their story, they shared it with the homeroom teachers. The best part: a student was heard for the first time because of the app.

*I was walking down a hallway as a kid came over and started excitedly sharing: “Hey, I made two games. It was hard.” It took me a few minutes to place where we had worked together, I had only been in the school 2 or 3 times. Then it hit me, it was an exploration of Scratch before the holidays. A few minutes later he is sharing his username and we get in to a chat about persisting through the difficult times.

*I was sitting across a friend as we were trying to get DASH the robot all the way around the circle. Our first strategy didn’t work and we were trying to trouble shoot and adjust our path so we could be successful. “Well it is 150 cm because 5 times 30 cm is 150.” I rebuttled with a bit about a measurement we used earlier in the morning when he schooled me responding: “Well it is shorter than the 200 cm by about 50 cm.”

Sometimes when I get busy, I forget the why of it all. It’s easy to hop from appointment to appointment and not stop to reflect, to bask in those aha moments. Amongst the policies, sessions and pedagogy versus technology debate the three stories were reminders of why I champion digital tools in the classroom: student voice, choice, and empowerment.


3 thoughts on “The Why – We All Need Reminders 2/10

  1. A beautiful post that shares the value in these digital tools. I hope that others share their stories too. Sometimes I feel as though we don’t share these stories enough.


    • Definitely! I kept thinking if we shared the stories would we have such a need for the pedagogy over technology debate. I also need to find a better way to save them all for the days I forget. 😉

  2. It is so evident in your post that technology can help foster the collaboration that we all want students to engage in. I love watching students show urgency in trying to solve a problem together. If we’ve helped to create those conditions…mission accomplished!

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