My Commitment for 2017 1/10

You probably have seen the clip below. I can still picture the first time I saw it sitting in the board room at Peel Disctrict School board. The clip was a simple reminder of the importance of sharing.

As much as I share on other platforms, I find that I have neglected this blog especially over the last year. It’s so weird how I can jump in on Instagram and/or Twitter but here I find I am stumped. The doubts set in:

  • Will anyone read this?
  • What can I possibly say?
  • Has someone else posted this already?
  • Will someone else want to post this?
  • They say it so much better!

And then there is the editing.

  • Can I find a quote?
  • Is a story enough?
  • That doesn’t sound quite right.

Although I stumbled into the 10 day/10 post challenge last year, it was the reason for trying it again this year: get in to the practice of writing daily to model and lead by example.  Then tonight a colleague challenged me to dig a bit deeper. As much as the 10 posts in 10 days is a stretch, I very much know it is achievable. It’s a sacrifice of time for those 10 days but I do have to admit the countdown is enjoyable. Was I challenging myself enough? Could I push a little further?

This year has really made me reflect on my impact in my current role and as I stumbled on this quote it reassured me for that need for a long term commitment. A diet or cleanse is good to jolt your system but we all need those long term habit changes to see a difference.


So here it goes-my commitment:

I will use these 10 days to jump start my writing, to let go of some of the doubts and remember why I love to write.

For the remainder of the year I will post twice a week even if it isn’t polished, revolutionary or grand.

Now that it is in writing I have to hold myself to it. YIKES!

What will you commit to this year? What is pushing you out of your comfort zone? 

Every one needs a buddy that nudges them to be better. Thank you! 

5 Replies to “My Commitment for 2017 1/10”

  1. Good question, Tina. This year I will commit to trusting myself and my abilities more. Some of the questions you asked yourself about your blog, I do too. For me, it often comes down to “imposter syndrome”. Instead of acknowledging the hard work I do and the fact that I do have contributions that might be valuable, I often attribute opportunities to good luck; being at the right place at the right time. I vow to stop that this year. I will continue to learn and share my learning, but when I accept an honour like being a Spotlight speaker, I will accept graciously and humbly, but with confidence. Or at least that’s the plan. 🙂

  2. Hi Tina;

    Thank you for nudging us all to blog again.

    Owning our own space is the most critical part of being a digital communicator. Sure, it can be a bit lonely, because unless people stop to leave a comment, you are alone. It’s not like the walled gardens owned by others, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., where folks congregate and others make money on it. We go there to share because they need us to do that to survive, and they have designed a space to make us feel like we are a part of a group, liked by others, friends with some…

    Here on our own space, we have to wait for others to come by. But it is ours,

    And we can do with it what we like.

    Sometimes friends even stop by to chat!

    Blogging, in whatever form, is an important way to share, and as Twitter flounders, and Facebook becomes toxic, it looks more appealing all the time.

    Thanks for the nudge!

  3. I haven’t been blogging for long but what I’m starting to realize is…this record of my thinking will be valuable down the road because there will be so many ideas that I will want to look back at and reshape. Even if no one visits and interacts with my blog, I will still have a record of the thoughts that were in my head, kind of like a diary. So if down the road, some of those ideas come up in my dealings with a colleague, my blog will act as my notes to refresh my mind of the details of that learning.

    1. Such an important observation, and truly worth sharing with others.

      A teacher in my school remarked that it made applying for other positions so simple, because she had already documented and curated everything she had done and learned that year.

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