Yellow Light: Getting Ready to Speed Up or Slow Down


This year has been a bit of a whirlwind. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since June! I’ve had a few ideas swirling as I traveled across Europe, kicking the time off with a group of dedicated educators at the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Berlin. Here goes nothing!


There were many great sights while travelling across Europe the last 3 weeks but there was one simple difference that caught my attention. It’s funny how the little things get you. It happened first in Berlin then later again in Split. We were waiting, sitting at a red light when the yellow light lit up as well. Our driver inched up, anxiously waiting for the green light to flash, preparing himself so he could zoom off.

It seemed like a silly difference to notice but it made me think about what we do in education. Do we often treat innovations in education like our Canadian stoplights: full speed ahead till the cautions start popping up and then we slam on the breaks? Is there value in the pause and preparation that comes with the yellow warning light along with the red? Seeing the red and yellow light together reminded me that in education we really never just stop (or at least we shouldn’t). There is always a yellow light reminding us to get ready before we go full steam ahead.

Maybe more than anything it was a reminder to me that a yellow light can remind us both to slow down and to speed up.

Love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “Yellow Light: Getting Ready to Speed Up or Slow Down

  1. My tendency to speed up or slow down at a yellow light depends on my ultimate destination. If I’m excited about getting to my destination, I’m more likely to try and beat the yellow, whereas if I’m not that anxious to get there, I’m more likely to slow down. I think the same is true in education: if I’m excited about a reform and see the value in it, I’m ready to speed through the yellow, but if I can’t see the value in a change, I’m more likely to slow down. Great post.

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