My Design Moment

This is our April blog hop where educators all post to their blog the same night at the same time around the same topic. Inspired by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s  21st Century Competencies Discussion Document and the Global Day of Design, we thought we would put the challenge out there to actually engage in the design process (individually or with our learners) and then reflect on the experience. Please check out the links below my post to hop on over to their blogs and read/view their stories. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments too!


I mentioned in passing that I needed some LEGO and on Sunday my nephews sent me home with two big tote bins. Sunday I slowly started sorting through by colours and tones like we did for the Uniac Pop Up Makerspaces. So when it was time to create my daily #flatlay for #the100dayproject on Monday I thought why not use LEGO. Seemed simple enough. It’s funny how time can stand still when you are creating and designing. How you can see the feedback loop we so often reference in PD in action as you tweak your design through out the process. The thrill that comes from completing the task and then the ideas that start stirring the minute you step back. I sat on my floor for over an hour just moving LEGO around. That may seem a little crazy (it probably is a little) but it got me thinking. How often do we give our learning community that time to create? How often do we let learners of all ages play, play with physical tools, play with concepts. Do we give folks the time to go through the design process, whether individually or collaboratively, and that feedback loop to adapt and change?

As I stumbled upon John Spencer’s blog post this morning, I was reminded that we don’t need a space, but rather the time and vision to see the design and creation capabilities all around us.


What did you create/design lately? Hop on over to Jim, Jay and Amit‘s blog to read their stories or share your own experience in the comments below or on your blog.


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