Innovator’s Mindset Blog Hop: If I could build a school

This blog post is part of a blog hop where a group of us are all blogging about the same prompt at the same time. This is a post in response to Part 1 of the Innovator’s Mindset looking at If we were to start a school from scratch, what would it look like.  Join in at any time and submit your blog link

I just have come from a viewing of the documentary Most Likely to Succeed and the amazing space at High Tech High and it has definitely made me rethink this week’s reflective question. If I were to start a school from scratch, what would it look like?


And I’m stuck. Not necessarily at what I want to see. Ok, I’m stuck with what I hope it looks like as well but I find it even harder to articulate. What do I wish for? How do you capture a vision in a post. It seemed like such a perfect fit for something visual but the video was jumbling up and sketchnote was missing elements. So maybe I come close with the words below and a little bit of a Pinterest tour.

  • I want a space that brings learning outdoors and the outdoor in
  • A space that has open flexible spaces that transform from inquiry labs to exhibition areas but at the same time a space that has small cozy nooks to work alone or with a friend away from the busyness and noise.
  • Light! Lots of light that pings across the surface of a room.
  • I want to see places to learn while moving.
  • I want to see pairs, small groups, large groups working through dialogue and conversation and spaces that facilitate that.
  • I want to see laughter and frustration (the good kind that lets you know you are working hard at something you love).
  • Smiles more then anything. Smiles that come from feeling success, from feeling safe, from feeling challenged.

I know I may have focused on the physical space and let myself got to the ‘blue sky’ dreaming place but it is during those moments that I feel I have challenged my practice the most. How far do the two pictures (reality & my blue sky dream) differ and what is one small change I can make.

So how would you finish the prompt. If I could build a school…

Then hop on over to the OSSEMOOC site to read other posts on the topic.

Happy blog hopping!


6 thoughts on “Innovator’s Mindset Blog Hop: If I could build a school

  1. I want to see spaces to learn while moving. Me,too, and that has me dreaming of dancing and hiking and paddling and crawling and exploring and stretching and climbing and team-building and….thanks for helping me articulate something that was humming under the surface as I thought about this question. I very much appreciated your choice to make your thought visible on this one, Tina. I keep seeing this sunlit atrium in my head. I was intrigued by how many of the bloggers mentioned light. Perhaps we’ve all spent too much time under fluorescents. Thanks for the thought- provoking post.

  2. This is a sublime post. Very cool finds on pinterest. I Especially love the large window coming in. I was at the Film viewing too and I agree, that it was a lot of Food for Thought.

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