Confessions of an Introvert 7/10

I remember bringing the results from a Myers Briggs survey home (INFP) and chatting with my mom.  I fell close to the line of Introvert and Extrovert. My mother was not buying it. She was sure I skewed the survey somehow. No line to be had I was an introvert in her mind through and through. Most that know me socially or seen me at a party would probably agree.

IMG_8287I didn’t really expect my AHA moment to come from In Style magazine, especially an old issue about to make it to the trash. They have a great series I Am That Girl tucked into the back that talks to celebrities about issues affecting girls’ self-esteem. A ‘we all go through it’ kind of feel good read. Not knowing much about Shonda Rhimes I was skimming and scanning as I stumbled upon a line “I had become even more introverted, and I was working more than ever.” Oh my goodness that was me! It seemed to sum up the last few months perfectly. Sometimes I can just get lost in the planning, brainstorming, and creating. I don’t want to give it up because I know it helps me recharge and fill a sense of calm but something didn’t feel write. As I read on to see her solution: “So I challenged myself to say yes to every single thing that frightened me, every offer that came my way, for a year.” Yikes!

I may be writing this completely content to be alone and reflective after a busy week of learning with amazing people but I do realize it may be time to shake it up a little. I definitely say YES to work things all the time, but life things not as much. Things that frightened me probably not. CONFESSION: This introvert maybe let the introvert take over just a bit too much.

So here’s to saying YES to the things that may be scary and really hoping it’s not salsa dancing!  


2 thoughts on “Confessions of an Introvert 7/10

  1. I am so guilty of this, too. I never before really considered the connection between my introversion and my work-a-holic-ness… but it’s so true.

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