Present living in the Past 5/10


I had just finished a workshop for future educators at Queen’s University in January and started the trek back home. Despite the rain it seemed silly to miss out on exploring the city a little so I tried some of the stores. As I was entering the Gourmet Food Store, the date from the 1800s etched on the store window jumped out at me and reminded me of the great power of history. To be able to stand in the same spot that individuals had many years before and see life STILL happening all around.

I’m not talking about history for history’s sake, not living in the past, good old days- we always did it that way moments, but a repurpose of the space. I love that moment where you can see the present and the past collide together, even better, inspired by each other. Whether Bologna, Quebec City, Cassis or Kingston, you could see how individuals had innovated their space while still honouring the past.

I wonder if sometimes our conversation in education are so focused on changing the past: the structures, the timelines, the physical buildings, that we forget the power we have to REINVENT, REDESIGN, REPURPOSE. I know I have fallen in to the trap before. We see the timetable, the hours, the building set up as a hinderance to moving forward (which it is). But they are often items out of our control. So what can we change? How can we look on our structures and systems with fresh eyes, creativity and passion?

I know I want to be more like Kingston but many questions still remain.

Love to hear your thoughts.


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