A Vision for the Future 3/10

Bill Rankin started his talk at the Apple Educational Leadership Institute with the following image. We deconstructed the various parts from the transmission of knowledge to the poor child missing out at the crank of the machine. On top of his top notch keynote skills, the image really sparked our thinking around our image of the classroom today.

I don’t know about you, but  my first reaction was how did they get to this image. Then I move on to blaming the past, it seems so easy.  41ec934744a73adb692f24c2af1c05a1

Then I read Will Richardon’s Post The Best Possible Guarantee to Learning where he quotes a publication from Dewey 100 years ago and I realize perhaps the past is not to blame. There are so many echoes of conversations I saw online daily, like the following:

But, you ask, will it not be too late to learn what are you ought to know when the time comes to use it? I cannot tell. But this I know; it is impossible to teach it sooner, for our real teachers are experience and emotion, and adult man will never learn what befits him except  under his own conditions. – Dewey

Many our vision of education for the future can include/learn from our past. Is it possible to capture a vision of the future of education that won’t seem dated at first glance? I’m left pondering what that image may be.

Thanks for listening!

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