Listening Closely 1/10

This is blog 1 of a 10 blog challenge. So many ideas, I didn’t know where to start. But as I was reading through some tweets tonight mentioning Listening & Hearing, I reflected on a learning experience this week.

I came in a little out of sorts, going to the wrong school and all. As I walked in folks had already started on their infographics so instead of stopping them all, the classroom teacher and I went around to chat with folks. I tried to listen closely as they shared what they were hoping to get across. I always cherish the moments in my role where I can slow down and listen closely: listening in to see their passions or interests come through, listening to see the pieces come together.

I was sitting with a few grade 7 friends as we got chatting about design (well actually I couldn’t help him with his touch computer problem). We chatted about ideas about which graphic would make sense or discussed the composition of the page. They seemed shocked to know that I actually created infographics myself. I don’t know if that bought me some trust from this complete stranger in the room. It was definitely an interesting place to be. I really felt as much as I had hoped to listen closely to each of them (hopefully I did), they were returning the same to me. I could see them listening closely, not because they had to listen to me as a teacher or because I had all the answers but just because I was another voice on the learning journey. Sitting at the corner of the group, it was great to see everyone jump in with an opinion.

So as I was driving home with my nephews tonight and we started chatting about the week that passed. It was fun to listen closely to what they had to say. The day to day excitement they were tackling, the chuckle at the not so funny joke or the comment about friends that travel. I realized how powerful listening closely can be in creating that sense of community, that sense of trust all in the better helping our learners.


When did you listen closely last? Did you discover any new lessons or ideas? Hope you share!

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