#oneword for 2016

It was this time last year I was sitting in my last MEd class listening to an overview about mindfulness and spirituality in education, scared to death about the prospect of meditating daily for six weeks. Little did I know how great my learning would be from that uncomfortable space or how my STOP – PAUSE – BE moment would become a year long lesson that just wouldn’t let go (still learning).

So as Aviva shared her one word and Matt and I were chatting, I was stuck. Sometimes it is hard to name a year before it has happened. It is much easier to look back and capture it in a few syllables, giving it a pretty label. Then there is also many different paths to take. So many lessons to learn. I thought of mindfulness once again, then focus and vision, balance, challenge. No matter what I kept going back to a quote that George Couros includes in The Innovator’s Mindset.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. Hans Hofmann

Eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. It’s crazy sometimes how a line can be so simple but yet so powerful. s

I think that is my word for 2016: Necessary

  • Taking the necessary time to recharge by creating or spending time in nature.
  • Not ignoring the gut reactions and doing the necessary by investing in relationships (for an introvert I can get lost in my own world at times).
  • Taking risks and challenging my own understanding which I know is necessary for growth
  • Being able to pull out and articulate the necessary to eliminate the unnecessary when it comes to working with fellow educators.
  • Having the discernment to know the difference between the unnecessary and necessary.

Is it too lofty? Maybe there is a better word out there for me. I’m open to suggestions.

What is your #oneword?

6 Replies to “#oneword for 2016”

  1. Tina, I think that necessary is an excellent #oneword !! And congrats on finding it (or letting it find you). I agree that looking back is much eadier. I bought the book and did the 1st & second exercise but I haven’t settled on my word yet. When I looked up, like it says to do in the book, I could not help but think that the word was a mistake. I’m going to think it over for a few days 😀

  2. Tina – this is a great word to hang onto for a year. It’s open ended and flexible with great depth for personal growth. Connecting this #oneword to building relationships, taking time, acknowledging risks and discernment brings some very ‘necessary’ elements to the paradox. Brings it back to the key question to keep asking yourself – ‘Is this necessary?’.
    Thanks for sharing your OneWord!

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