Letting go of 2015 – A Reflection

So being the last day of 2015 and all, I have been thinking of the year that has past. My first reaction was to go back to my post from last year. I don’t know if you are like me but my eye was drawn to the items I didn’t get done (Still want to get a group of folks together to chat education!). It’s easy to get stuck in that cup half full – I should have moment.

I was trying to think of a word for the last year and all I could think of was Let It Go. Sorry if you now have the song in your head. Letting go of the disappointments, letting go of things I can’t control, letting go of the timelines and realizing it would all be there when I came back from that mental break.

So instead of wallowing I thought I would let go of the guilt and reflect on some of my favourite moments from 2015. Explore the image below for more and links to some blog posts that explain more.

How are you reflecting on the year that past? What were some of your favourite moments? What was your take away from 2015?

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