The Most Important Thing/Part … of Education

Have you ever read The Important Book by Margaret Wise? It’s a classic pattern book that explores the essentials of anything from a spoon to a daisy starting and ending with The most important thing is

I was reminded of the book as I read Seth Godin’s blog post Tires, Coffee and People. As his post explains the most important part of a coffee is the beans, or of a race car is the tires, an organization people even though at times we can focus on all the extras the grinder for the beans, 4 wheel drive for the car.

It got me to thinking what is the most important part of education? Can I narrow it down to one goal, one skill, one element that stands above all else? I was stuck and perplexed and then I watched Ella Luna’s clip for Soulpancake. She shares how she stood at the crossroads of should and must and despite the risks she dove in to must. That was it! The most important thing about education is that when a learner stands at that crossroads, they know (in every sense of the word from the skills needed to knowing themselves) that they can choose must. For happy healthy citizens, for a better future, we need the next generation to know they can choose must.

Maybe that is too lofty. Maybe the important thing about education is much simpler than that. Maybe it’s just kids. But I think there is a freedom that comes from knowing what our most important thing is. We can then let go of our focus on the new and shiny and see that they are all tools to help us with our most important thing.

What do you think is the most important thing/part of education?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Ella Luna explains the concept of the crossroads of should & must much better in the clip below.


2 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing/Part … of Education

  1. I was sitting in the kitchen with my son who was struggling to complete a challenging justification response for his English class when I happened to be perusing Twitter, where your blog was linked up Tina. My son had just finished saying he was too confused, and he wasn’t going to do the work. As I played the clip (not for him, but for me) to about the halfway point, he said “Sounds like a Benjamin Moore commercial Mom”. But then the magic happened. As we got to the end of the clip, he said “Okay, okay – I’ll choose the MUST. I know what she means.” Thanks for sharing.

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