#20hrproject: A Slow Chat #teachersarelearnerstoo

So I made it past the half way mark of the #20hrproject. There are so many take aways even if it is just humbling to realize the difficulty involved in a skill. I have definitely experienced the highs and lows that come from learning. The moments you realize you have been sitting for an hour writing the same 5 letter word to get it just right.As I redid this curved line remembering one of the mentor videos I could hear Kaufmann’s word of “learn enough to self correct” come to mind.

As I was following the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, Debbie included a great one #teachersarelearnerstoo. I think that is what I love so much about creating whether it was the #100dayproject or this one, it puts me in the role of a learner and beginner all at once. It’s easy to forget the excitement, the nerves, the frustrations that come with learning something as adults.

IMG_6852#teachersarelearnerstoo seems pretty simple, but what a powerful statement. Over all the fancy technology, tools and toys it’s the learners’ mindset that is the greatest asset today (and any
century for that matter).Then we got to thinking, whether you are at the beginning of your project, end of your project or haven’t started a project maybe that is a conversation to be had: #teachersarelearnerstoo. We hope you will join us for a slowchat next week. Each day we will post a question or prompt to the #20hrproject hashtag on Instagram & Twitter and hope to spark a conversation of how we each model that we are never too old to learn something new.

Hope to see you online!


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