#20hrProject: And We Are Off

So it took a while to decide what I would tackle for the 20 hours (read more here). After chatting with Natalie & Debbie and her great post of Kaufmann’s top ten list, I thought hand lettering would be my thing. I always admired the fancy hand crafted cards or art work so why not try it out. So I went out and found some inspiration and resources and got myself started. Pulled out the pens and notebook and got started. Of course now a few days in, I am at the point where I start second guessing myself but that is all part of the process. I’m reminded how great it feels to be learning something new and having the great feedback of colleagues.

Haven’t gotten started yet? No worries. We have lots of time as we tackle our 20 hours before the end of October.

What do you need to do to participate?

  • Choose your skill you are going to learn and tell us! We have folks learning guitar, blogging and pasta making.
  • Share your learning to the #20hrproject hashtag on Twitter, Instagram or your blog. Debbie, Natalie and myself have promised to share at least once a week.
  • Connect with others. Leave them a word of encouragement or a suggestion. You can let us know your details here or let Debbie know so she can add you to the Twitter List.
  • We will celebrate all our great learning at the end of October.

Happy Learning!


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