It’s Good Enough -The Questions that Remain

Everyone needs that friend that doesn’t just say YES. The friend that calls you out and challenges you to re-think things even if it is slightly frustrating in the moment. Usually by now I have internalized the take away lesson but this time I’m just left with questions.

As I enter into my sixth year as a technology coach, it seemed like a natural time to reflect on the journey. When you first start off, you set up this beautiful slightly utopian vision of where you would like to head. For me it was a mash up of my favourite learning space designs with digital tools and smiling children sprinkled about, all wrapped up in a pedagogy that was meaningful and sparked life long learning. Then came the actual work, the small individual steps. From afar they may seem very distant from the ideal but I believed (believe) they could be part of the path/exploration..

Of course when you are reflecting all the questions pop up. The doubts creep in. Are the small steps still helping or are they getting in the way of moving forward? How do you balance starting where someone is with challenging them to go futher? How do you know how far you can push someone? Can there be a wrong way of helping? And the hardest question of all: Am I getting in the way?

I know I am a little late to the game, but this summer I finally took the time to read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. As I was writing this blog post the image of the boy and his journey popped in to my mind. Particularly the story of the crystal merchant. If you aren’t familiar with the story the crystal merchant, always hoping and dreaming of one day making his great pilgrimage, gets so used to his everyday routines and comforts he can’t leave. He’s playing it safe. Not willing to take the risk. It’s good enough. The idea of sacrificing the temporary for the long term comes up over and over again through the book and the boys journey. So many times the boy could have stopped and been content but he would have missed the journey.

It got me thinking, am I the boy or the crystal merchant? Am I getting comfortable in the routine and the small moments that I’m losing site of the pilgrimage?

I don’t ever want to say ‘It’s Good Enough’.


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