New School Year, New Adventure-20 Hour Project

I loved everything about #the100dayproject even on days that the process wasn’t as enjoyable. So knowing how crazy the start of a new school year can get I thought why not do a 100 day project. So I had it all planned out. I would blog every day for a 100 days. Then panic set in. Taking a picture every day was hard enough, blogging takes me hours. There is no way I could keep that up for 100 days!

I knew I wanted to stay with creating, I enjoyed the daily practice/pause and loved the benefits of doing it with a community. Luckily I stumbled upon Paige Couros’ post and her 20 hour project. Panic subdued slightly. Paige shared Josh Kaufman’s TED TALK on the power of the first 20 hours. In his clip he shares how those first 20 hours help us go from ‘grossly incompetent’ to ‘reasonably good’ (aka his learning curve). The steps seemed simple: 1. deconstruct the skill; 2. learn enough to self correct; 3. remove practice barriers; 4. practice at least 20 hours.

20 hours I could do. 

IMG_6514.PNGSo I quickly tweeted @debbieaxiak & @natschneider and they said they were game (couldn’t do it without them). So here it goes. Another crazy project-Focusing on Blogging. I do feel like I’m cheating slightly because it isn’t a skill I know nothing about (hopefully) but definitely something I want to improve upon. I want to focus on sharing more broadly, in a variety of formats. Luckily I know some great bloggers out there and am reading Austin Kleon’s book Share your Work. It may not be quite 45 minutes daily but I was reminded of Ella Luna’s book the Crossroads of Should & Must where she says it’s ok to just take those 10/15/20 minutes a day. It is September so I’m not going to rush. I’m hoping to get going mid September and share through the end of October.

What will your 20 hour project be? The beginning of the school year is always so busy. We have our long to do list and expectations but what is that One Thing you want to learn? Is it to tweet, Instagram or create a weekly podcast? Is it to run like Paige, play Ukulele like Josh or paint like Debbie? Maybe it is to start a blog.

So join in!

  • Choose your One Thing you will learn.
  • Find a buddy (don’t skip this step, it makes life so much easier)
  • Share your learning with the group! I will be using the #20hrproject hashtag but we will hopefully share over food in real life too.

I’d love to hear what you will be learning, as well as suggestions or feedback on my 20 hour project. If you have a few minutes and want to fill out the Google Form to help us stay connected or leave a comment below.

Happy learning!


5 thoughts on “New School Year, New Adventure-20 Hour Project

  1. I got together with my new #100dayproject friend @debbieaxiak for coffee recently and we spoke about the #20hourproject. So thanks to Debbie’s suggestion I will try and develop my skills with using iMovie. I’m scared but willing to try. Looking forward to honest feedback and lots of hand holding. In the meantime, getting ready to jump.

  2. Tina! I love that you are making sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s important to grow and change, but not at the expense of your sanity :). I know you aren’t new to blogging, but you could maybe try to vlog or do a blog series or try something you haven’t done before. I look forward to following along on your journey.

    • Well, I was told I needed to step out of my comfort zone a little. Thinking I may go with learning all the fancy lettering to make my own chalkboard art wall in my condo. Hopefully a few of the creations can still make it to the blog. Win win all around. Thanks again for the spark!

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