Confession: I am not Wonder Woman Pt. 2

Some lessons are harder to learn than others. 

After a gentle push that we all have something to share, two years ago I blogged Confession: I am Not Wonder Woman. It was the first time I really experienced how therapeutic writing this blog could be (also how long it could possibly take to write a few paragraphs). So am I less busy? Well it may not seem so sometimes but it has become the lesson I can’t avoid. From MEd courses on Mindfulness in Education and #the100dayproject I realize I am slowly taking the time for those small steps and trying to let myself say NO once or twice. Still a long long way to go, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

But I noticed a different side of the Wonder Woman Syndrome creep in.

It is amazing to be in a profession where there are so many role models, educators doing AMAZING things from creating apps to keynoting conferences to publishing their work. You look up at these inspiring superhero figures and sometimes all you can do is have that fan girl experience like a 5 year old. How do they do it? How do they balance it all? And then the doubt starts creeping in, even just for a second. Should I be doing more? Am I putting my ideas out there? Maybe I’m not meant to be the superhero, maybe I’m just meant to be the sidekick or ‘hair and make up’. I’m good at the behind the scenes, the connecting, the sharing.

And just when you think you learned a lesson, there’s more.

I thought that was where the lesson would end, battling the questions of whether I was just too chicken or wanting to be something I was not. Then last week I had a few experiences that got me thinking. I wondered if folks at times, even for just a split second, may look at me with that same fan girl expression of awe and intimidation I had experienced. Suddenly I realized that maybe we all are heroes looked up to for a moment in time by our colleagues, our students, or family.

The Take Away

Maybe the take away is to remember to share the person behind the mask, the good and the bad. Or maybe the take away is that it is ok to be our own version of a super hero.

I may not be the image of Wonder Woman, but to someone at the right time I may be just enough hero.


4 thoughts on “Confession: I am not Wonder Woman Pt. 2

  1. You are certainly a role model & positive influence for many, myself included!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I can really relate.

  2. I remember reading Part 1 when you wrote it and how excited I was about teaching & learning after that conference & you played a huge role in that. I also remember thinking that you actually WERE a Wonder Woman because you were blowing my mind & teaching me so much AND you were humble enough and brave enough to share your human side. Two years have flown by and all along you have continued to blow my mind, to inspire me, and yes, still cause me to have that fan girl feeling when I see you in person.

    • Making me tear up over here Debbie! I am so glad I got to know you that summer and all the learning that has followed afterwards. Hard to believe it was two years ago and then on the other hand it feels like forever. Thank you for always being willing to try something new!

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