The 100 Day Project: A Final Reflection Blog Hop

It is hard to believe it’s now a month since the group got together to100 Day Project Collage celebrate the end of #the100dayproject. I still remember seeing the post on @elenatreehouse Instagram feed and thinking I was crazy to take something on the day after completing my MEd. To be honest I don’t think I would have followed through if it wasn’t for a great group of folks that decided to come along for the journey. We each had a different focus over the 100 days but learned and shared from each other’s journey. We each are reflecting on our journey and learning (click the links below the post to hop from one post to another) using some of the ongoing prompts from @elleluna as some inspiration for our final reflection.

Most Challenging & Most Rewarding

I don’t think I truly knew what I was signing up for at the beginning of the project. 100 days seems simple till about day 31 when you run out of topics to photograph. The last thing you think you have time for on a busy or tiring day is to stop and create but it was amazing to see how those few minutes could reset the day. I tended to leave it to the last possible minute sometimes literally posting at 11:59 but taking those last few minutes of the day just to create with no set agenda was invigorating. I create all the time for work but there is often a set goal and determined audience. I think it was the first time I created just for me in a skill that was completely selfish.

New Connections

I loved taking a few minutes through out the project to hit the hasthag and see what others were posting. Having such a great community of individuals creating pushed my brain past my own limits and forced me to look at the world a little differently. I loved @chriscureton #100daysofsymbolizinggreatness. I felt silly complaining about time watching @elenatreehouse create her amazing paper art with a toodler and another on the way. It was also great to connect with colleagues in a new way. I love social media and as an avid Twitter user, I have seen the power of connections but there was something different in us all embarking on a learning journey together. It felt intimate and allowed me to have daily connections and ongoing advice with some great friends.

Biggest Takeaway

As I was reading Austin Klein’s Steal Like an Artist there was a great quote by Gustave Flaubert “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.”  It seemed to capture my experience through the project perfectly. Taking the time to create daily, no matter what I felt like, helped me look at the world around me in different ways. I thought the biggest take away would be a better understanding of my phone but I think I leave understanding the need to take those 10 minutes, to set a routine, to take the time.

And that leads to what is next. I feel like I need a 100 day project for the start of the school year. I had considered a blog a day to get me back in the routine of writing and reflecting. That may be too ambitious. Perhaps a quote a day would be a better focus.

You can see all 100 pictures HERE. Have a suggestion for me? Want to do a first 100 days of school challenge together? Love to hear your thoughts and please if you have a few minutes check out the following posts.


9 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project: A Final Reflection Blog Hop

  1. Thank you for inviting me on this journey Tina! If you are going to do another 100 Day Project I would love to join you 🙂

  2. Although I didn’t participate, I enjoyed being a virtual part of your journey. Your reflection is so true and your quote is perfect. I would love to try your challenge, but I think I may have to start at 30 days. I will be encouraging my own kids to start their own 100 days of learning with a word/quote of picture and see where their creativity takes them. Thanks for continuing to provide inspiration!

  3. Great post, Tina! My experience of this challenge seems to be similar to yours… I really enjoy challenges like this because they are fun, social, creative, and a little demanding at times (which is a good thing in this case, I think!).

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