A Little Bit of Awesome: Avoiding the Could Have-Should Have-Would Have moments

SunnySide ParkEver go for a walk and get distracted by the little bits of awesome all around you? It could just be that I am a master procrastinator but it’s amazing when you allow yourself to be distracted what will catch your eye and force you to look a little more closely. It could be the shimmer on the lake or the plover you have never spotted before, a kids’ giggle or a dog’s eagerness to explore. It’s amazing how those very small moments can reset your day.

I always go into the school year with BIG plans and then June comes. The moment of crisis hits and I start thinking of all the things I should have, could have, would have done. (I will leave the conversation of measuring success to another post). Now this year seemed to be a year full of detours, maybe even derailments at times, that when I looked back I kept fixating on the should have/could have/would have moments. Leave it to a kid to remind me there are little bits of awesome if I just looked closely (listened closely).

I was at a school I have had the pleasure of visiting often. I hadn’t been there in a few months, but standing by the elevator waiting to bring the iPads up, a class walked by eagerly saying hello. I don’t think they were a class I worked with more than a handful of times so as a student asked who I was, the girl responded she’s the app queen. I promise I do more than apps but in that moment it just made me smile.

It made me think, despite the detours and derailments there were a lot of those little bits of awesome this year.

Little Bits of Awesome this Year:IMG_0077

  • Watching a 5 year old write 18 lines of code to get Dash through the obstacle
  • Standing back and watching the murmurs of on task children problem solving in Scratch Jr.
  • Listening in to the chatter of Kindergartners around Osmo.
  • Having a colleague come back and share how they have used ____________(insert tool here) after we chatted
  • A colleague and her class that were willing to take a crazy risk with me (Thanks @BrantsLaura)
  • Looking back each week with the Storify recap and seeing the growth in conversation and individual joining the conversation
  • Having friends join in with #the100dayproject, challenging and sharing along the way
  • The eager “What is the name of that app/tool?” after we try something new with big and small learners
  • A note of thanks from a student whether an 5 or 55

Just like looking closely at the lake reset my day, I’ve realized how my Little Bit of Awesome moments can reset my perspective on the year. I still have big plans and the could have, should have, would have moments are still present but my Little Bit of Awesome moments remind me that each of those detours were worth it.

What have been your Little Bit of Awesome moments this year?

Think I’m going to create a hashtag for next year to keep better track and remind myself to reset.