#the100dayproject: You may think I’m crazy

So as I was browsing through my Instagram feed on Tuesday at lunch I stumbled upon @elenastreehouse instagram post about #the100dayproject. Of course I immediately went to the blog post to read more. This was exactly what I was looking for!

Now you may be saying: “Tina, why would you want to take on a 100 day project two days after completing your Masters of Education (or at least I hope I didn’t miscount my courses)?”. As much as I can’t say my meditation experience was the picture of success, I did appreciate the daily learning journey and the focus that came from committing to a task. As I mentioned in my last post, the need to be more mindful in my day to day life has been blaring at me. To me I find creating is one of those places where I can escape. You couldn’t have a better fit!

So what is the challenge?

  • In short for 100 days choose an action (art, paint, cooking, knitting) and make/create something daily.
  • Share on Instagram with #the100dayproject hashtag as well as one unique to you.

You can read more here at the Great Discontent.

Knowing that I may sway along the way I sent a quick tweet out to some friends in my PLN asking for a creating buddy. I was ecstatic to see that Natalie, Debbie and Jason were in with more perhaps jumping in. I know with a support group this is not impossible. So imagine my surprise as I left a family night presentation and found two group members had already created and posted. Now to catch up to you Debbie!

So now I sit here trying to decide between cooking, sketch noting and photography. I realized looking through my Instagram feed that I have a lot of pictures of my family, food and work. Perhaps it was time to branch out and learn those manual settings on my Canon camera.

So for my challenge, I commit to #100daystomaketzaphotographer

My rules:

  • I will use my Cannon DSLR not my iPhone
  • Every day the subject of the photo will change

So here we go jumping into the unknown, moving out of our comfort zone, honing those observational and digital skills we feel are so important in a digital age.

Will you join us?


One thought on “#the100dayproject: You may think I’m crazy

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