One Last Project: Stop Pause Be

It is a bit surreal to be putting the finishing touches on my last Masters of Education assignment this morning. It has been quite the learning journey over the past 4 years and as much as it wasn’t always what I expected it definitely served it’s purpose: to push me to explore ideas I hadn’t considered before. 

It is funny how courses hit at just the right time. Sometimes it is more purposeful like Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, at times more accidental like this last course: The Contemplative Practitioner. I must have read the description wrong because when I walked into that first class I was thinking this was a course around reflection. We were soon set straight as we compared contemplation and reflection and discussed the dividing line between the two. I knew then the journey ahead would be steep because although I’m good at reflecting, I’m terrible at contemplating-being in the now, not letting the thoughts in my head take over seemed impossible.


Sometimes the universe seems to be pushing you towards the topic. Every time I was on Twitter it seemed there was another post about Mindfulness, Habits and connecting to the soul/heart/child. As the course went on, the exercises, readings(The Contemplative Practitioner, Educating for Wisdom and Compassion, 10% Happier, The Courage to Teach) and conversations reminded me for my need to Stop-Pause-Be. And although I will admit that my meditation journey was not the picture of success I have noticed that I’m taking the time to get outside, to listen a little more attentively, to observe just a little bit more and not limiting those moments to a reward for finishing my work.

There are so many take aways it was hard to narrow it down but three main ideas have been captured in video format (after enjoying the experience with the summer MEd project) and shared in the adobe slate story below:

Stop – Pause – Be: Learnings from the Contemplative Practitioner 

If you are interested in the resources, inspirations and tech behind the project click on the below link:

Behind the Scenes Stop – Pause – Be Tackk

Here is just one of the clips (and all the help from friends on Twitter)

And although it is terrifying and I always have a moment of panic that it doesn’t meet the high standards of academia thank you Jack for the opportunity to bend the rules just a bit and to share my learning in the mode that best works for me. 


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