The Year Behind – The Year Ahead


2014 had some pretty amazing bookends. It started off on the cobblestone streets of Rome at midnight with my little brother and ended (almost) on the beaches of the North Cape of PEI exploring my parents new home province. Seems pretty spectacular looking back now. There were great moments of learning, a new appreciation for Papert and A LOT of change.

Despite all the good this year has felt a little off. I could never put my finger on it. On paper I am doing exactly the same things I’ve done before. I’ve always been a dreamer. It has never gotten in the way YET. Slowly but surely as the year progressed the busy seemed to take over. I was forgetting more, sleeping less. And with a record number of missed emails and double bookings in the fall for me, the guilt creeped in. I got bogged down in the changes. A new year seemed like the perfect time for me to learn that lesson about balance I have avoided for my first 35 years.

As I was reading Seth Godin’s new book What To Do When It’s Your Turn (many lessons learned from the book, more to come) a page stuck out to me: Setting the mood when you’re not in the mood .

Here’s the real question: if all it takes to turn a lousy day into a great one is a little dinner party and a phone call, why would you ever choose to have a lousy day? Even better, why would you let someone else have a lousy one?

The people who need you need you to fix their mood, even when you don’t feel like it. And we need you to learn to fix your own mood so you can be the one who fixes the rest of us. The mood fixer is a precious resource, and you can learn how to be that resource.

Do what you should do. Your mood will follow.  

Quite the challenge after a year of feeling off. Did I get lost in a lousy mood forgetting that I had the choice to change it for myself and others?

My 2015 Bucket List (1)So while standing at the oceans edge after a weekend of reflecting, observing, listening, capturing I realized perhaps more than resolutions for this year I needed a bucket list. Small items I know would reset my mood when the off feeling crept back in. None are unrealistic (like giving up coca cola), expensive (gym membership) or big time commitments (turning off my phone each day). Small moments of creating and connecting I know will recharge and inspire me.

My 2015 Bucket List (1)

So I’m printing off my bucketlist for my fridge as a daily reminder to create, connect and try something new. Here’s to hoping I needed a second list this year!

How do you reset your mood? Do you agree with Seth Godin’s quote? Have a bucket list for this year? Love to hear your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “The Year Behind – The Year Ahead

  1. I have a comment, two in fact. The first is that you are very hard on yourself and possibly you set exceedingly high, too high, standards for yourself. Guess that is really a question rather than a comment. Also, might you have felt ‘off’ because you were overextended? Perhaps you bit off more than you could chew. You always make the time to help everyone else!

    • High expectations may be a problem. Still struggle with that. 😉
      I think I didn’t get the chance to just create this fall. In the past it’s aligned with work. This fall it seemed to compete.

  2. Hey Tina,

    I tend to reset my mood by smooching and squeezing my kids. They’re like a stress ball. But most times a really good cup of coffee or plate of food will do the job too. As you can see, I’m only moderately a step above a puppy in terms of needs;)

    I’m not really sure what to make of the Godin quote. First of all, although I do enjoy dinner parties, as an introvert I usually enjoy them a lot more when I get home after them. Also, by gawd do I hate phone calls. Text me:)

    I know, I know, it’s not to be taken literally, and I do love the sentiment of simplicity.

    I love your bucket list (“read a book in a day”?!?!?) and I wish you luck in filling it. I hope you have a year of pleasant moods and, when melancholy, I hope you can attain enjoyment even from those moments that make us recall our humanity.



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