Gentle Daily Reminders

IMG_9735-2I realized I may have a problem when more than one individual mentioned my morning sky pictures. I can’t help myself! It seems like this fall we have had more stunning sunrises then usual. They were begging to be captured. As I paused and took a few minutes to enjoy the sight, It was interesting to notice how such a simple act can help put things in perspective. My gentle reminder of the beauty in the world.

It has been a busy fall. Busy year for that matter. Busyness seems to be the lesson I just can’t get a handle of (see past blog post). So as I stumbled upon Matt Steel’s post on The Abundance of Slowness I was a little taken back. His opening quote had me up in arms: “Workaholics aren’t heroes. They don’t save the day, they just use it up”Have I been using up my days? At the end of a week of 5 am starts and midnight crashses I could see myself more and more in his story. I think what spoke to me the most was how the busyness took over the time for reflection, creativity and innovation. I could see myself in that moment. I keep telling myself if I finish my work I can: go for a photo walk, get lost in designing a poster, read that book but I realized I had it backwards. It is hard to give myself permission to pause, the emails can wait, the work will get done. What is even harder is to let go of the fear of judgement (probably imaginary on my part).

Just as my sunrise snapshots are a reminder of the beauty in the world, I have been reflecting on the reminders in my day to day that make me pause, reflect and recharge.

  • The connection felt with an old friend, falling back in to deep conversations
  • The simple words in a closing keynote that remind you of the gift you have as an educator
  • The amazing workings of a child’s brain when they are engaged and you take the time to listen closely
  • The back and forth conversation of a learner that thirsts for feedback

For me the work is in remembering to cherish and pause for the gentle reminders, to take the time to create, reflect and recharge and to hide the long to do list even for just an hour. I’m a work in progress but the gentle reminders help.

What are your gentle reminders? How do you stay focused?


One thought on “Gentle Daily Reminders

  1. I love that workaholic quote. We are obsessed with working in our culture. It’s like we literally don’t know how to do anything else. I dislike the fact that we implicitly favour workaholicism in education over true balance and reflection.

    Your morning sky pics are so cool. I especially love it when you take multiple from the same position. Awesome!

    Hope you’re finding your passions outside of work! Thanks as always for your friendship, as long distance as it seems at times.

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