CTL 1608: Patience

A reflection for my MEd Course on Constructivism and the Design of Online Learning Environments.

As we discuss social learning this week there is a concept presented last week that has had me reflecting on my own understanding.

I mentioned in my last post for the course that I found the biggest hurdle for me in implementing a truly constructivist approach was TIME. Running from task to task, meeting to meeting, I always feel like there isn’t enough time to delve deep. Madeline then brought up the concept of PATIENCE.

She shared the following quote from the article Building versus Borrowed:

 “But the most important issue, and the one that should concern all educators, is the lack of patience to build a personal understanding of the models they needed to make personal sense of complex phenomena (p.25)… Perhaps worse, they no longer had the patience to see through a problem even with the offer of time and support (p.26).”

I have been thinking ever since how my concept of time may not be complete. Am I patient enough to allow educators to construct their own understanding? Am I patient enough to construct my own instead of borrowing that of others? Yes more time would eliminate the busyness, let me focus on less expectations, provide a few less tasks to complete as quickly but patience will be the difference of jumping in too fast, of struggling through the hard concepts, of playing together.

Thank you for the reminder Madeline!


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