CTL 1608: A Wanna Be

For my M.Ed. course this term, CTL 1608: Constructivism and Online  I’ve decided to blog my reflections. Although I have shared learning from my masters in this environment, I haven’t done it as the reflective journal so trying something new. Hopefully it works out!

I love photography. Setting up an image; capturing the right light. A year or so I buckled and bought myself a Canon Rebel. Now I have the fancy camera but there are moments where I feel a little like a wanna be. I’ve been lucky and have captured some great shots (or so folks tell me) but perhaps it is the scenery, the right light, luck. I can’t be a photographer if I’m in AUTO mode. IMG_3295

As we have been looking at Objectivism and Constructivism our first two weeks in the course, I have been reflecting on my practice and philosophy of teaching. I have always considered myself a constructivist but while reflecting on the readings and participating in the dialogue I am reminded of how little I know.

Am I a wanna be constructivist?

It is interesting to revisit theories you have explored in the past as experience allows you to take a second lens. I truly, whole heartedly believe learners need to construct their own understanding and with that comes a belief in a growth mindset, that learners can do just that if you set it up correctly (thanks Bruner for the reminder). When I reflect back on my time in a classroom and single school I can see moments. Yet as I reflect on my current support role I wonder if I am facilitating those same constructivist moments. Again there are glimpses but am I coming to a better understanding? If I reflect on what is holding me back, I would have to admit it is TIME. In a rush to accomplish objectives, to meet demands, to help I fear I fall into a more objectivist approach, with a list of tasks to complete, information to impart.

IMG_1510But as I reflect further, I wonder if this is not what theorists of the past wanted us to tackle with. Maybe it isn’t about knowing all the manual settings but being able to capture that moment the best way you can. As I read Dewey this week, a quote stood out about the purpose of education. “Since growth is the characteristic of life, education is all one with growing; it has no end beyond itself. The criterion of the value of school education is the extent in which it creates a desire for continued growth and supplies means for making the desire effective in fact.” Perhaps I need to worry less about what mode I am in, and focus on the picture: Am I sharing/inspiring a love of life long learning?

And the learning continues!


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