#peel21st Blog Hop: My tool for this year is Photo Editor by Aviary

This summer we were chatting about our favourite digital tools on Twitter and sharing some tools we would like to explore this upcoming year. It seemed like the perfect topic for our first #peel21st blog hop. So here we are! Read on to learn more about my pick, Photo Editor by Aviary and don’t forget to check out the tools and blog posts linked at the bottom of the post.  

I am a big fan of Instagram, maybe too big of a fan. So when I stumbled upon apps like Mextures and Word Swag this summer I was smitten. As I was visualizing favourite quotes and documenting learning in the AQ course, I was reflecting on the potential for the classroom. Knowing that we get many different devices in the classroom and free is best, I went in search for an app that would allow students to edit, alter and enhance their images and an app that was collecting dust on my iPad seemed like the best choice.

Photo Editor by Aviary is a free app with in app purchases, but you can make due with what is included for free. It is also available on most mobile platforms including Apple and Google Products. So whether you use the tool personally or have students use the tool, the possibilities are endless.

IMG_2132Aviary will allow you to bring in pictures from your picture library or camera. Once selected, you have a menu of tools to choose from along the bottom toolbar including the ability to crop, blur portions of your image or add stickers.

IMG_2130-1If you are looking to replicate some of the features Instagram, make sure to check out the filter tab on the menu to the bottom.

IMG_2136Add additional information using the draw tool or the text feature. There is even a MEME tool!

Once finished, the images will save to your picture library which means you can use the images in a variety of different apps.

Here is a quick overview that will walk you through:

So whether you are looking for an app for personal use, want to create MEMEs with your students, replicate the experience of Instagram for young learners, Photo Editor by Aviary may be for you.

IMG_2140-1I am looking forward to exploring it further with students this school year!

Looking for something more, don’t forget to check out Snapseed!

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7 Replies to “#peel21st Blog Hop: My tool for this year is Photo Editor by Aviary”

  1. Great post, Tina! This app is collecting dust on my iPhone and iPad, too. Thanks to your post, I am going to fire it up and play with it again with a mind to student use in the service of learning. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. The combination of text and imagery can be so powerful. I can see so many applications for a tool like this in any classroom that wants students to communicate with passion and precision. This could also be especially useful for school clubs that are trying to raise awareness for a cause by creating poster messages around the school.

    Thanks for sharing!

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