#ThisSeptemberPrj: My Wish

IMG_0710So there has been this post-it note sitting on my counter for about two months now. Over the past year I have been involved in a lot of conversations around the purpose of education or a philosophy of 21st century teaching. How does it align with the basics? What is necessary? What has changed?

Whenever I tried to answer the question, I would get stuck on the words and I realized maybe I needed to look at it differently. What did I want for my nephews? For the kids I’ve taught and know? I started jotting down ideas for my wish and that’s where it ended  till now.

So when I started the project I knew that this would be the clip that I wanted to create. Something about a wish felt liberating. You aren’t constrained to the structures we often bring into conversations about education and it’s purpose. It also allowed me to look at a bigger picture and how we all, educators, aunts, parents, grandparents, family friends, play a role in  a child’s education. 

So after some awkward moments acting like a tourist in my own city, here it is:

For more check out the My Wish page on the project website.



5 thoughts on “#ThisSeptemberPrj: My Wish

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  3. Hello Tina, I am trying to register for the ABQ Course – Junior Division starting January, however I am having some difficulty getting in contact with anyone from OISE. If you could possibly help, I would very much appreciate it, Thank you and Happy Holidays! (Not sure how to contact you privately).

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