#ThisSeptemberPrj: How Will You Use Me?

I remember being at a conference, and a speaker sharing that an iPad was a portable media production machine (not a direct quote). What a wonderful image of possibilities. I still find a lot of students haven’t experienced the many amazing possibilities to create. Often their experiences are around Clash of Clans, Youtube and What’s App. To a lot of educators, they may seem like a consumption device as well.

How could I quickly, in a fun way show what was possible with a device?

Click here to view the clip on Instagram: How will you use me this year?

I am very grateful there is no video footage of me creating the clip earlier today. A few hours snapping at a step ladder and the clip was complete.

I tried to choose the objects purposefully and link them each to apps I have used. Check out the collection here. What would you add?

I look forward to constantly expanding my toolbox and being vowed by the possibilities, usually introduced by the youngest learners.

So many possibilities!




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