#ThisSeptemberPrj: A Reflection

For my masters course this summer we were offered a few different options for our final project and in typical fashion I chose the ‘out there‘ option: creating a piece of digital artwork. I had grand plans at first (an interactive online photography display was one of them). The more I thought, the more I realized perhaps simple was better. What if I took some ideas, stories if you will, that I had planned on blogging about and used a visual medium to share them?

So now a couple hundred pictures/crumpled notes/tech meltdowns/late evenings later it’s complete.

The three stories I settled upon:

Click on each to read the story of how the idea developed.

There is something about creating, whether a blog post, a presentation or a 10 second Instagram animation, that feels very vulnerable. Will anyone see it? Will people like it? Is it really original? Is it  worth putting out there? It’s been a reminder that first and foremost I have to create for myself, reflect on my learning and share the experience. Even if it makes it’s way to just one person, it will be worthwhile.

If you do make your way to the clips, I hope they act as reminders of the possibilities of the digital tools around us, the wonder and complexities of the 21st century child and how each of us can be a champion for one child.


You can see the complete project, including the digital tools used and how to engage with each at tinazita.wix.com/this-september.


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