Lead Like No One is Watching

My dad loves to sing: top of his lungs, six in the morning, spot him in a crowd of 200 kind of singing. Music has always been a part of his life since he was young. He is a great singer. I am not.

As we were at an event this weekend and he was singing passionately, it was interesting to watch the crowd. The first person turned, then another. Quick glances over their shoulder continued to follow. A stern look when he couldn’t resist joining the youth choir in singing. I asked my dad if he noticed and of course he didn’t. I wish I had inherited that trait.

Over the last few weeks as I have been reading Tribes by Seth Godin, I have been reminded how leadership can sometimes feel uncomfortable like the quick glances over the shoulder when you are singing passionately.

There was a quote that really caught me off guard.


For a long time I have felt that those uncomfortable moments mean I have been doing it all wrong. Somehow I have had this image of the perfect leader being one who is charismatic and can convince the crowd to follow them. Seth Godin and my dad have reminded me when you lead passionately it won’t make sense to everyone all the time. It won’t always be comfortable. Some may turn around and give you that stern look when you join in.

I need to remember to lead like no one is watching.


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