#ThisSeptemberPrj: A Reflection

For my masters course this summer we were offered a few different options for our final project and in typical fashion I chose the ‘out there‘ option: creating a piece of digital artwork. I had grand plans at first (an interactive online photography display was one of them). The more I thought, the more I realized perhaps simple was better. What if I took some ideas, stories if you will, that I had planned on blogging about and used a visual medium to share them?

So now a couple hundred pictures/crumpled notes/tech meltdowns/late evenings later it’s complete.

The three stories I settled upon:

Click on each to read the story of how the idea developed.

There is something about creating, whether a blog post, a presentation or a 10 second Instagram animation, that feels very vulnerable. Will anyone see it? Will people like it? Is it really original? Is it  worth putting out there? It’s been a reminder that first and foremost I have to create for myself, reflect on my learning and share the experience. Even if it makes it’s way to just one person, it will be worthwhile.

If you do make your way to the clips, I hope they act as reminders of the possibilities of the digital tools around us, the wonder and complexities of the 21st century child and how each of us can be a champion for one child.


You can see the complete project, including the digital tools used and how to engage with each at tinazita.wix.com/this-september.


#ThisSeptemberPrj: Relationship Remix

I have watched Rita Pierson’s TED talk at least a dozen times and every time it still gets me. I remember the first time I watched it, between the tears, I felt like I couldn’t stop nodding my head. I have been lucky in my various educational experiences to feel those champions cheering me on so as you spoke to the power of relationships, I could see those teachers standing in front of me. As my role has changed over the years, it isn’t young learners in front of me each day but I hope I have championed a learner or two along the way.

It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of the day to day so I’ve taken some of my favourite sound bites and re-mixed them with other clips online as a reminder this September. I am probably one of the worst, but this September I really want to remember the power of relationships, connections and the need to inspire risk taking and confidence. 

I hope you enjoy!

If it does not load below, please click here: Realtionship Remix with Mozilla Popcorn Maker

#ThisSeptemberPrj: How Will You Use Me?

I remember being at a conference, and a speaker sharing that an iPad was a portable media production machine (not a direct quote). What a wonderful image of possibilities. I still find a lot of students haven’t experienced the many amazing possibilities to create. Often their experiences are around Clash of Clans, Youtube and What’s App. To a lot of educators, they may seem like a consumption device as well.

How could I quickly, in a fun way show what was possible with a device?

Click here to view the clip on Instagram: How will you use me this year?

I am very grateful there is no video footage of me creating the clip earlier today. A few hours snapping at a step ladder and the clip was complete.

I tried to choose the objects purposefully and link them each to apps I have used. Check out the collection here. What would you add?

I look forward to constantly expanding my toolbox and being vowed by the possibilities, usually introduced by the youngest learners.

So many possibilities!



#ThisSeptemberPrj: My Wish

IMG_0710So there has been this post-it note sitting on my counter for about two months now. Over the past year I have been involved in a lot of conversations around the purpose of education or a philosophy of 21st century teaching. How does it align with the basics? What is necessary? What has changed?

Whenever I tried to answer the question, I would get stuck on the words and I realized maybe I needed to look at it differently. What did I want for my nephews? For the kids I’ve taught and know? I started jotting down ideas for my wish and that’s where it ended  till now.

So when I started the project I knew that this would be the clip that I wanted to create. Something about a wish felt liberating. You aren’t constrained to the structures we often bring into conversations about education and it’s purpose. It also allowed me to look at a bigger picture and how we all, educators, aunts, parents, grandparents, family friends, play a role in  a child’s education. 

So after some awkward moments acting like a tourist in my own city, here it is:

For more check out the My Wish page on the project website.


Lead Like No One is Watching

My dad loves to sing: top of his lungs, six in the morning, spot him in a crowd of 200 kind of singing. Music has always been a part of his life since he was young. He is a great singer. I am not.

As we were at an event this weekend and he was singing passionately, it was interesting to watch the crowd. The first person turned, then another. Quick glances over their shoulder continued to follow. A stern look when he couldn’t resist joining the youth choir in singing. I asked my dad if he noticed and of course he didn’t. I wish I had inherited that trait.

Over the last few weeks as I have been reading Tribes by Seth Godin, I have been reminded how leadership can sometimes feel uncomfortable like the quick glances over the shoulder when you are singing passionately.

There was a quote that really caught me off guard.


For a long time I have felt that those uncomfortable moments mean I have been doing it all wrong. Somehow I have had this image of the perfect leader being one who is charismatic and can convince the crowd to follow them. Seth Godin and my dad have reminded me when you lead passionately it won’t make sense to everyone all the time. It won’t always be comfortable. Some may turn around and give you that stern look when you join in.

I need to remember to lead like no one is watching.