June Comes the Same Time Every Year

I feel like I have neglected this blog a little in the last month. It isn’t for a lack of ideas but rather the right words. So on this last day of the school year I’m taking a chance and not waiting for the right words. Here it goes.

I have a colleague that loves to remind us that “September comes the same time every year.” No need to panic or act ill prepared because it always comes at the same time. I think for me the saying should be “June comes at the same time every year.” It may be the goodbyes or the reflecting while writing my report for the year, but around this time I always have this frantic panic that I have run out of time.

Have I done enough? Have I made a change? Could I have done it differently?

No matter my role, I have the same feeling whether it is 20 beautiful grade one eyes staring back or the 47 schools on my report.

So knowing that “June comes at the same time every year” I’m trying to change my bad habits. As I was procrastinating from report writing once again yesterday I stumbled upon a great quote.

For a moment, instead of focusing on what I need to do differently, I’ll focus on the small things that have made this year a great year.

Just a few:

  • Peel21st Storifies: I loved looking through all the amazing ideas on Friday morning, seeing the growth and learning and sharing it with the community. It was my Friday morning feel good moment. I can’t wait to see what happens next year! Here is the collection
  • Twitter Chats: I have to admit there was always a slight worry about half an hour before our #peel21st twitter chats that no one would come, but every single time you proved me wrong. It is amazing to think that folks are willing to give up prime time to share their practice and thoughts. In addition to the great dialogue, I feel I have connected with more of you this year through those mad dash conversations.
  • Uniac Sunrise Group: Once a month, a small group of us in one of my family of schools would get in our cars before the sun rose to share and learn together. I am not only grateful that they dragged themselves out of bed for our 8 am meetings but also for an amazing group of educators willing to take a risk together. Our last day of exploration was everything I could hope for from an open ended learning can be for adults: guided conversations and explorations. Thank you!
  • 6Cs Friends: When I had a crazy ideas to blog through the 6Cs @debbieaxiak, @jrichea, @MatthewOldridge jumped on board with no questions asked. I think it’s time to go back and re-read our posts. Being able to collaboratively explore what we really mean by these 6Cs was an incredible learning experience. We need another idea now folks!
  • Home Base: In supporting 47 schools I don’t get to do frequent repeat visits, but I have a few that allow me to come back. In the craziness of driving around it is wonderful to be able to come in and have a kid say “Good Morning Miss Zita”. It is even more wonderful to be able to take risks, learn together and watch the growth that happens once I leave. To all my home base classrooms, thank you for letting me crash every now and then. And to the educators in the classroom, thank you for letting me explore and learn alongside you. I know my ideas were crazy at times!
  • Smiling Faces: It is wonderful to be able to see those learning moments in the classroom. That moment when a spark lights in a child, their eyes start to sparkle and that “I’m smart” grin grows across their face. I have had the privilege to observe some amazing moments of learning this year from a kid schooling me in the Makey Makey board (of course you can have 2 grounds), to students finding their voice with a new app. I need a better way to document those amazing moments next year!
  • Every year I think I have reached my max but there seem to be more and more wonderful educators willing to learn and grow together. It has been amazing meeting each of you. To those who have suffered through my passionate monologues, thank you.

As I reflect on the small things that have made my year great, I am reminded of all the wonderful small things I have observed over this year in #peel21st. Change never is individual. Our collective learning and explorations have made this a wonderful year in #peel21st. I can’t wait for what is ahead for us. Thank you.

Have a wonderful summer!


Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Vincent Van Gogh








2 Replies to “June Comes the Same Time Every Year”

  1. Tina it has been so great working with you! You are always so supportive and your enthusiasm is contagious! I cannot wait for next year to see what great things we will do!

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